Stages of Mesothelioma

  • Stage I — the cancer is localized on one side of the lining / between the lungs / in lining of the diaphragm. This is when mesothelioma is most treatable. The cancer is operable and tumors are likely able to be removed.
  • Stage II — cancer may be on both sides of lungs and begins spread to other organs, affecting the lymph nodes as well.
  • Stage III — the cancer is considered advanced and has spread to abdomen lining/chest wall/mediastinum/heart/diaphragm/peritoneum. At this stage it is likely inoperable.
  • Stage IV — this is the most advanced stage, with limited treatment options. 30% of mesothelioma victims are diagnosed with stage IV cancer. Distant organs and tissues will be affected and the tumors are inoperable.

Get What You Deserve

There are several actions that you can take to get financial compensation. We can help you file claims with mesothelioma trusts funds, through litigation, worker’s compensation or veteran’s benefits.